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    Tobin Eason is a professional dancer and artist living in New York City. He is currently dancing with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet after having an over ten year career with the American Ballet Theatre.  
    Born and raised outside New Orleans, Louisiana, Tobin pursued sketching and drawing throughout middle and high school while training to be a dancer in hopes of a professional career in New York. However, it was not until recently that he discovered his passion for oil painting.    
     After an invitation by School of American Ballet, Tobin moved to New York City to train and study ballet technique. After becoming a professional dancer, Tobin found that painting was therapeutic and relieved some of the pressures from becoming a professional ballet dancer.
    In addition to painting, Tobin also designed a set for the ballet company BalletNext. It premiered at the Joyce Theatre in October of 2012 in Manhattan.

   Landscapes were initially the primary subject for Tobin’s work; but because of his love for performing art, dancers also are also an inspiration. Due to the extensive touring around the world as a dancer, many different cultures and artists have influenced his work and given Tobin an invaluable education in art. Two of his favorite artist are the French landscape painter Gustave Courbet, who used dark, rich colors in his landscapes and portraits; and Hasegawa Tohaku, who in his later career showed that simplicity and restraint could be just as effective as the ornate work of his earlier career.

    Today, Tobin continues to paint and dance in New York City. His work will be displayed in the gallery The Alliance of Resident Theatres this May and The Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor in August, both in New York City.